Verkennen (verkennen) wrote,

More than one way to enjoy the water

We're surrounded by water and enjoy it from land all the time, but oh how we miss actually being on it (riding the ferry to work doesn't count). Verkennen is still not ready to go back in (a house renovation is getting in the way now), so we did the next best thing and headed down to Swansboro to look at some kayaks. We had a good idea of what we wanted and tried out several at a kayak rental place. We settled on two 14' recreational kayaks that can go in the ocean (not that that's a need of ours, but we will be in the inlets). After hurricane Irene we picked them up and have taken them out nearly every week.

Now we can enjoy the wildlife up close again. I especially enjoy paddling with the dolphins although we don't always see them. The wild horses are more common as they come down to the shore to feed on marsh grass. We have countless creeks, marshes and sounds to explore and a great variety of islands. We move pretty well against the tide but it's a bear when a strong wind is against the tide also. So we're learning to time our long trips to the tides.

Now that the migration south of cruisers has begun, we often find ourselves in the company of cruising dinghies out exploring. I remember with fondness all the exploring we did in our dinghy and envy those cruisers as they head to fun adventures. We'd love to go spend another winter in the Bahamas ( and the Keys too) and haven't ruled out more cruising. The right jobs and circumstances have to occur and we're hopeful. Until then we'll paddle our kayaks whenever we can and enjoy all that being on the water has to offer.

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