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Yard work

Verkennen has been in the yard in New Bern for over a year now. Paul finished the hull in February and sanded and painted the cabin in March. We're stripping down the exterior teak to let it stay natural. Repainting the deck, recoating the cockpit teak and cleaning the interior are mostly what remains but boat yard work has come to a halt due to yard work of another nature -

In March we closed on a house we bought in Morehead City, NC. It's an in town cottage, one mile from the ocean and downtown. We are one block from the water and 5 blocks from the ICW. So those of you passing thru, let us know - a hot shower and a ride to the grocery are always available.

Owning a home ends my hope for a long term cruise, but not for time on the water. We're still open to a variety of plans for cruising, but Paul was ready to stop living aboard and to settle down. Maintaining an older boat, outfitting her for extensive offshore cruising and working to refill the kitty were major reasons for our change in plans. Unlimited financial resources would have made a big difference for us in continuing to cruise, but we feel very much at home in Morehead City and are happy in our new adventure. This town is a good fit for us and although our 'cottage' will be a LOT of work, it is work Paul enjoys and I know we can make it comfortable. (After a new bathroom, kitchen and some major rearranging of walls - not to mention a major scrubbing)

As long as we own Verkennen I will continue with periodic updates to the blog, but for awhile my main focus will be our house renovation. If interested, you can follow along with renovation work at moreheadcottage.blogspot.
com. We'll continue to rent while doing some major work on the house and I'll be recording house and yard work on that site.

Marsh behind our house
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