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June 25th, 2011

Summer update

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Sailing on the Beaufort waterfront

We were awakened Sunday night by howling winds, a spectacular lightning show, peals of thunder and pounding rain. It was a short, but powerful and welcome thunderstorm - all the more welcome because we haven't seen rain for 7 weeks and are 10" below normal. Fortunately we were snug in our house instead of on Verkennen because the 12 minute storm wreaked havoc with the boats at anchor in Beaufort. For those of you familiar with the anchorages, Taylor Creek had its share of boats breaking loose and some damage, but it was chaos in Town Creek. An 80' yacht broke loose from it's dock at the marina and took another yacht with it across the creek. The second yacht had someone aboard so he was able to get his boat back to the dock. But the unmanned eighty footer blew through the anchorage taking out several moored boats before running aground just before the boardwalk.

We had lost power so were in Beaufort at our favorite coffee shop when we heard of the wreakage. On our way home we stopped at Town Creek to gawk and saw no less than 15 boats aground or sunk. It seemed that boats not knocked loose by the yacht had been blown loose or blown over and sunk. Flotsom from two sunk houseboats littered the creek and owners were gathering their belongings along the shore. As the tide rose 3 Tow boat US boats came to tow the yacht back to the marina. Several live aboards were working to free their anchors and move their boats back to deep water. Local police, wildlife officers and the Coast Guard were all there so the place was hopping. We spent the whole morning watching the progress and it felt like we were back on Verkennen watching life happen from the cockpit.

Unfortunately, Verkennen is still on the hard while the house remodeling continues. We hope to move in the middle of July and then the pace can slow a bit. We had a break on our anniversary and took our bikes aboard the ferry to Ocracoke, where we spent a peaceful day riding around and enjoying the island we had first visited on Verkennen. We hope to bring Verkennen back here so we can have an extended stay again. But for now, we still continue to enjoy the water, in lots of varied ways.

Ocracoke ferry and sunset

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