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January 21st, 2011


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View out our front window

Snow again! And until this week, it's been cold - now this is not news to anyone but after last winter being the coldest one here in at least 35 years, I expected a little relief this time around. Silly me. And, as for the statement, "We go years without seeing snow.............. Fortunately we do get warm days often here and then it's off to the beach we go to soak them up.

A calm winter day at Atlantic Beach

One day last week, however, was not one of those warm days. As I was passing over the ICW on my way to work, a sailboat was motoring through. It was 28 degrees out and my toes were freezing inside the car. I can't imagine how he felt with no enclosure. We've been amazed to see sailboats anchored out often this month. Cruising sailors are making the trek through here all year long. While I'm on the subject of sailors, there was a horrific fire this month at a marina not far from us. Claiborne Young with Salty Southeast Cruising has started a relief fund to help those who lost their boats, and many who lost everything they own. You can get more information at www.cruisersnet.net if interested in helping.

We were able to fly to Cleveland this Christmas, and while we were not able to see everyone it was nice to spend the time with part of our family. On the flight home we voluntarily took a later flight to relieve the overbooking and so received vouchers for free flights - always helpful for a future trip.

Dad, Don, Marcia and Paul at breakfast

Laurie's comfy

I'm taking an art class in town again this winter and I have a wealth of warm subjects to choose from for painting. They remind me of happy experiences.

It's hard to imagine we've been off the boat for a year. This month at least three different people have asked us for a sail on Verkennen and I can't wait to share her with them. We'll be busy once we get her back in the water. Surely spring can't be too far away.

Another Bogue Sound sunset

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